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Successful nursing students use Picmonic from the beginning of nursing school, for a more enjoyable and effective way to study. By staying on top of classes, reviewing for class exams is faster and easier, and graduates pass the NCLEX® the first time.


Clinicals & Career Success

Built by medical and nursing professionals, Picmonic’s entertaining, efficient & effective visual learning system sets nursing students up for success during classes and clinicals on their way to becoming registered nurses.

Hear Their Stories
Hear Their Stories

Ridiculously Effective

Cramming Doesn't Work

Picmonic helps you remember more, longer. 331% longer. Our smart spaced repetition algorithms automatically adjust to help you forget less and retain more. Find out how!

"Picmonic helped me in a way I didn't think possible. The spaced repetition model is the best part. I have been able to retain information better than any other method I have tried. It's a game changer." –Makeda, RN Student

What Students Say


Victoria C.

Picmonic has really helped me remember signs, symptoms, and lab values. A lot of times textbooks can have extra information that won’t come up on a test and Picmonic really helps pick out the important points to know. Picmonic is very very helpful and an efficient way to remember/study.

Victoria C.Dallas, Texas
Tyler S.

I love Picmonic because I am one of those students that had trouble reading straight from the textbook. With Picmonic's easily accessible platform, I feel like I save myself so much time. I also retain information better with Picmonic than any other resource I've used.

Tyler S.Cedar Falls, Iowa - Hawkeye Community College
Hannah L.

My first semester of nursing school was quite the adjustment. From being a 4.0 student, to having to accept 76 as a passing grade. I was feeling defeated until I learned about Picmonic. I just recently earned my first A on a nursing exam in level 2. I attribute this A to Picmonic. Thank you!

Hannah L.